Wolfsburg midfielder Diego is unsure where he stands with Atletico Madrid.

Diego has hopes of signing permanently for Atletico.

"First, I want to thank the fans for the affection [shown to me]. It was special to me and was instrumental in our success into reality. I will never forget in my life, the moments that I lived with them. Always be in my heart," Diego told Marca.

"There is still no offer from Atletico and that means something. I now do not think I am among the priorities of the club and I do not know why, but I understand them anyway.

"I already made a financial investment at the beginning of last season and even waited until the last minute for Atletico, who finally arrived.

"I played as well as I could to make the club invest in me [permanently], but things are not given. The rest is up to me. I starred on the field for the club to act now."