Wigan Athletic skipper Mario Melchiot says he loves playing in the best league in the world.

"I've been tested a lot of times already," Melchiot told setantasports.com. "When you come off the Euro's I don't think anybody will make sure you have to be tested.

"He (Cristiano Ronaldo) is one of the exciting players that adds something a little bit extra to the league, but besides that, we have a lot of guys - a mixture of English and foreigners - and I think that's why this league is so special.

"And besides that, there is probably three leagues in the world that everyone says are the best - Serie A, La Liga and The Premier League is up there - but like I said everybody wants to be here playing in England, playing in The Premier League.

"That is the greatest thing that players feel and when you're already here, you can see why players want to come here."