West Ham's Bowyer: Man City shocker forced me to change

Lee Bowyer admits a shocker against Manchester City last season was the making of him on his return to West Ham.

The midfielder told the Sunday Express: "Some of my performances weren't acceptable last year and my 45 minutes against Man City were the worst of my entire life. I am a big enough person to hold my hands up and admit that.

"Afterwards I apologised to the players. I said I was sorry because my display had been unacceptable.

"I said the same to the manager too and he dropped me the next game. I knew I didn't have a leg to stand on because I really was diabolical.

"That was the kick up the backside I needed.

"I am now more settled at West Ham than ever. People forget that although I was joining my local club when I signed here, I had been living up north for 10 years.

"That's why it took me last season to adjust to everything."

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