West Ham striker Dean Ashton believes the USA's MLS is now becoming a genuine career option for British players.

"I think a lot of people were surprised that David Beckham came over here," he said.

"They felt like he could still play a part in European football but I think he's shown already that he's made a great decision and he's definitely helped the MLS and helped the profile in England as well."

Ashton revealed that Beckham's success had also got a lot of players of all ages in the English leagues talking about following the former Manchester United star across the Atlantic.

"Obviously David Beckham coming over here made the MLS a lot bigger in England," he continued.

"Everyone is talking about it and younger and younger players want to come over here now.

"It's a great lifestyle, the football is getting better and better all the time and the feedback to all the players in England is that it's an up-and-coming league and it's really somewhere to be at the moment, but that depends on the player himself."