West Ham United vice-chairman Karren Brady has recalled signing Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner for Birmingham City.

Brady wrote in her diary for The Sun: "He told me I should be pleased with myself for signing such a fantastic talent, I vaguely wondered who he was referring to when I realised he was talking about himself.

"He turned up, played well, became a local star, had the girls fighting over him, then returned to Arsenal and received £52,000 a week. In football, as in life, you need to be a humble loser, but also a humble winner.

"Nicklas had many talents but being humble wasn't one I observed.

"Recently done for drink driving and now banned from playing for Denmark, his Juventus boss today says he needs to play at a smaller club to rediscover his football. He thinks he should play at a bigger club. Shows you can only be young once - but can always be immature."