West Ham boss Curbishley unhappy with international break

West Ham boss Alan Curbishley admits international week has disrupted his plans.

"We all back our countries, no question, but if we all came back and played on a Sunday that wouldn't be such a bad idea," said Curbishley.

"I don't know whether it can be done, but lots of players won't be back with their clubs until Friday morning, if they're playing away from home they're often travelling, so it's something we should look at.

"As for the traditionalists, in a month's time West Ham and Aston Villa are the only teams playing on Saturday afternoon.

"There was talk of playing internationals on a Tuesday night, and we're one of the only countries who play on a Saturday.

"I've had Jon Spector playing in Chicago, Nolberto Solano is in Peru, so for them to get back and play on Saturday, why can't we just play on the Sunday?

"It's something to think about, especially if the Premier League is only 40% English, so many of the other players are travelling back to their clubs Thursday and Friday so we could do with another day."

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