West Ham boss Alan Curbishley claims "short-termism" in football means the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and himself are now a dying breed.

Before taking over at West Ham in December 2006, Curbishley had been in charge at Charlton for 15 years, with Ferguson at Manchester United for almost 21 years.

"You will not see many managers getting into double figures, in terms of years spent at the same club, these days," said Curbishley.

"What is happening is short-termism, brought on by the fact that everything is so pressurised.

"There are different expectation levels, and people coming into football clubs who have not owned them before, or been chairmen of them before.

"Perhaps they do not understand the history so much, and it is all about now.

"Managers have grasped that, and realised that we have to be successful straight away.

"When I first came to the club, I said I had two briefs.

"The first was a short-term one, which was to keep us in the Premier League last season, and the second was a long- term one, which was to build something at the club.

"We are working on the second one at the moment."