West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce is convinced they can beat Tottenham - if they stop Gareth Bale.

Although Allardyce is aware of the numerous attacking options at Andre Villas-Boas' disposal he knows Bale is more than likely the man who can inspire Spurs to get a result.

"They've been very good," the 58-year-old said of Spurs' season.

"The team from an attacking point of view has been outstanding. Recently they've lost their leading goalscorer, who is Jermain Defoe, and (Emmanuel) Adebayor has been away at the Africa Cup of Nations, so from a goalscoring point of view they've had to rely on one man and one man only to come up with the goods.

"That's Gareth Bale and he's been the major difference between Tottenham and the teams they've played recently.

"Not only has he scored very important goals, but they've been stunning goals at that. He's going to need some looking after on Monday night."