West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce says you'll rarely see Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick win a tackle.

Allardyce says the United star is more well known for reading the game and intercepting passes than for teeth-rattling tackles common in his playing days.

Allardyce said: "If you look around and ask where the ­tackling midfielders like Roy Keane, Nicky Butt and Bryan Robson are ­today they are few and far between.

"Today it's more about ­reading the play, ­intercepting the ball or ­nicking it off the opposition.

''Is Michael Carrick a good example of that? I think so.

"Tackling is almost dead. We coaches don't coach tackling any more, it's pinch, nick and intercept.

"Do FIFA and UEFA want to ban tackling? Looks like the answer is yes, but football is a collision sport.''