West Brom's Menseguez eager to match Tevez, Mascherano Premiership success

San Lorenzo winger Juan Carlos Menseguez says there's more to come from him after his first six months on-loan at West Brom.

"Tevez, Mascherano and me all came from that 1984 crop of kids," said Menseguez, who started his career at River Plate in Argentina.

"I was fortunate enough to also play in the youth side at River Plate with Mascherano and play for the Argentina U-17 side with Tevez as well.

"A lot of people back home have said maybe I can 'do a Tevez' and keep West Brom up after what he did for West Ham.

"It does give you a lift when you see Argentinians have done well in England.

"My own aim is to get to Tevez's standard because he is a top-class player.

"Tevez has a similar celebration with a dummy but I have not copied him. Even when my wife was pregnant, I started to suck my thumb as a celebration."

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