West Bromwich Albion striker Romelu Lukaku has pleaded with fans not to compare him with former Chelsea teammate Didier Drogba.

The 19-year-old does not intend to live in the Ivorian's shadow and is determined to make his own name in the game.

"At first it was ok - but I'm bored of it now," he told the WBA website. "It isn't necessary and I don't like it now.

"I have my father's surname, I am Romelu Lukaku - I'm not anybody else. This is my own name and the name I want people to remember.

"Didier and I have a similar playing style but I don't think he would have wanted to be compared to someone when he was young.

"Every player wants to be their own person, their own personality. I don't want to be the 'new anyone'."