West Bromwich Albion midfielder James Morrison has ruled out joining Twitter - for now.

There is no chance of Morrison jumping on to the bandwagon just yet and he has threatened to get his own back on Steven Reid, albeit by covert means.

"Reidy has been playing up a bit - he's been posting on Twitter that I've been making him cups of tea," said Morrison in the Sunday Mercury. "He reckons I'm some sort of tea boy. But even so you won't be seeing me on Twitter any time soon - I don't trust myself.

"Too many people make comments and if you have one bad game you get abuse. But maybe one day I'll appear as a mystery tweeter and start giving Reidy some abuse back.

"Mind you, I'm surprised anyone's got the time to be on there.

"It's been a busy week for us out here. I think some of the lads are still knackered after last week.

"We'd been training from 10 till 12. Then going to the hotel, having a sleep, getting up, training again for a couple of hours and going home at 8pm. We've all been too tired to banter."