West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper Ben Foster admits Roy Hodgson has had a big influence on his England return.

Foster admitted Fabio Capello's hardline approach had a key bearing on his original decision.

"The main thing at the time when I retired was a lot of niggling injuries," said Foster. "But at the time it was very, very serious with Fabio Capello, we weren't allowed to go out of the hotel and we weren't allowed visitors.

"I was playing with a lot of niggles and my kids were born around that time as well, so they were about one and two so it was hard for me to go away for a week or ten days and not see my kids or family.

"It was too much of a big miss. I think kids are so impressionable at that age and I'm quite a family orientated person anyway so it really did hurt me to be away from them for that time.

"You saw so many people pull out of international duty when the previous managers were there. At times there were eight or 10 people pulling out of every trip.

"But players really want to be there now and I'm one that wants to be there as well."