West Bromwich Albion goalkeeper coach Dean Kiely says Luke Daniels has a big future at the club.

Daniels signed a new two-year contract in March and is still to make his debut after nine years with Albion.

"He'll be the youngest player to get a testimonial!" jokes Kiely with the Birmingham Mail.

"It's a testament to him. If something wasn't right and didn't feel right and didn't fit at this football club, Luke would have gone a long time ago. We must be doing something right.

"We don't offer contracts to people that we don't think are good enough but there is no gun pointing at their head, we don't put their arm up their back. If they want to sign they want to sign. But I think he probably thinks that this is a really good learning environment. And to be learning off Foster and Myhill is a good place to be.

"He is still a puppy for a keeper. The three of them work well together."