West Bromwich Albion boss Roy Hodgson is willing to give fullback Gonzalo Jara Reyes a reprieve.

Reyes has been charged with driving while banned and without insurance following a 17-month drink-drive ban last June. He is due in court next month.

Reyes, 26, was on loan at Brighton and missed their match with Burnley last Saturday as he was in police custody.

Hodgson has recalled the Chilean and said: "We are not happy about the situation and I'm pretty sure he's unhappy. I'm disappointed for Gonzalo. But I'd be pretty surprised if he was to take it on to the field with him.

"He's a very keen and enthusiastic footballer with plenty of energy.

"It's like everything else, most footballers have got something else going on in their lives that they have to deal on the football field.

"His is perhaps a bit more serious than others who have baggage but he'll have to learn to deal with it.

"We've spoken with him. But the point is that it's ridiculous to suggest that clubs can take full responsibility for people's private lives. We're in the same situation as teachers.

"Do you blame a teacher when a kid leaves school and does something terrible outside of school?"