West Bromwich Albion boss Roy Hodgson insists skipper Jonas Olsson had no complaints after a clash with Stoke City's Peter Crouch during yesterday's win.

As the duo clashed, Crouch reached around the front of the centre back, with his right hand coming in contact with Olsson's face.

Olsson did not make a meal of it, with Hodgson saying: "He hasn't said anything.

"I'm afraid with penalty area situations, you could almost prove anything with television replays, someone who has a hold here or who has pushed there.

"But I have to say I thought the referee and his assistants were very good. I thought they officiated fairly and adopted a sensible line.

"They cut out as much of the pushing, shoving and holding as they possibly could. I don't think any referee is capable of seeing everything that goes on."