Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has raised doubts over his young team's focus after their defeat to Hull City.

"I think we're solid, more solid than ever when we're completely switched on," Wenger said. "But at the moment, I'm not sure we can focus all the time in every single game, especially when we think the game will be easy. It is a good learning curve because you cannot get worse than Saturday. In the games in which we're favourites, we have to be as difficult to play against as the others.

"When you are young, you think things are going to be easy. When you have a bang on the head like this, you have to understand the need to be consistent. It was a big bang and shows we're not completely there on the mental side. In the past, we have been beaten physically, we have been intimidated. We know we can deal with that now, but we're sometimes a bit too confident in the home games when we need to put some effort in."