Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits he is gambling over his new contract negotiations.

"It is true that is a gamble I take," he said, "but when I take a gamble at some stage, it is with people who are in charge.

"They tell me certain things, and I believe or believe not, then I say 'listen, I want to sign only one year'.

"It is down to me if I want a longer contract or not and there is a takeover, because I know from the moment I sign that it can happen."

Wenger, however, maintained he would not be seeking any get-out clause to be put into his potential new deal.

The Arsenal boss insisted: "I hate clauses.

"I always refuse clauses, because if I sign, for example, a contract for three years, and in that I can move out after one year, for me that is not fair.

"If a player asks me that, I also refuse to sign this kind of clauses.

"You are either committed, or you are not committed.

"You cannot say 'I want to a have long-term insurance, and also that I can move out when I can' - that is not right."