Houston Dynamo forward Cam Weaver is more than happy with his development as a player.

After scoring two goals in his team's 3-1 away victory in Dallas, Weaver is looking to impress his new teammates.

Speaking after the game, Weaver said, "It's great to come out and get a couple of victories and playing on a team that plays really good soccer. I like the style that we play, it's fun.

"There are always areas you can work on. For me it is to work on every part of my game.

"The longer I am here the more I will understand player tendencies. I have only been here a couple of days so I don't know everything about each individual player but that is something I will learn over time.

"Obviously, focus on my own game; finishing, I missed a couple and there was one tonight I definitely should have put away. We can always get better."