Vurnon Anita says he has plenty to offer Newcastle United.

The midfielder made his debut in victory over Tottenham.

Anita told the Sunday Sun: "The player I admire the most in the world is Xavi from Barcelona. I also admire Andreas Iniesta.

"They are like me in that they not so tall, but they can play very, very good football and I love to watch them on television.

"Footballers these days tend to be big, which is something I am not. I can't help that.

"So this is why I look up to Xavi who is one of the best players in the world. The way he plays football is special.

"This is how I want to play my football. I like to pass the ball, play one-twos, move well and create chances for my team-mates.

"This is what Dutch football is famous for. So I hope to bring these talents here to Newcastle and do well here."