Aston Villa defender Curtis Davies admits his relationship with West Brom fans has completely broken down over the way he departed the Hawthorns.

Davies said: "I haven't had a good response from my old fans at all. I think I'm public enemy No 1 in West Bromwich but it's one of those things. Football is my life. I could have been in the comfort zone at The Hawthorns and played every game. But I wanted to play in the Premier League.

"West Bromwich fans may feel a bit aggrieved but I was honest from the beginning. The problem was I didn't get out early in the summer. Others did.

"I never tried to hide behind anyone or sneak out of the back door. I've spoken to a few Albion fans in Birmingham and they've wished me all the best. But the majority don't really like me.

"I wanted to play in the Premier League and I've played in it before. But that counts for nothing if you play like I did.

"I've just got to impress Villa's fans better than I did against Leicester. I'm hoping it's a one-off. But I need to pick myself up and improve because that was just dreadful."