Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor admits his background doesn't allow him to take anything for granted.

He said: "Every game I play in, I just think about it like I'm a Sunday League player when I was younger, with not many people watching. It doesn't matter to me if the fans are there. I don't really notice them.

"It's definitely helped me, thinking like that. People get nervous - you can see it happening to them. But if you are nervous and worried, you make mistakes. It doesn't matter to me who is watching or how many people there are, I'm still the same as I was.

"But I'm lucky to be given the chance. My brother was a better player than me. He was the one with all the skill but he wasn't scouted. So I want to take my opportunity. I feel like I'm learning all the time and I'm picking things up from my team-mates, and people I've played against. The way I look at it, if I keep learning, I will improve.

"At the moment, I'm working on beating a player without knocking it past them. I see a lot of Spanish football and if I see something, I'll try it out."