Aston Villa striker Darren Bent has donated £1000 to help a four-year old boy who has a rare condition.

Zane Smith has a condition known as CCM3 and requires a specialist in Chicago to overlook the problem in order to find a cure.

Zane's parents needed to raise £5000 for the trip and it was the generosity of Bent, who played with Zane's father Lee at junior level, which allowed them to reach that goal.

"It's amazing that he is helping a boy that he doesn't know," he said.

!It's unbelievable. I thought we were going to struggle to raise the money as it is just after Christmas and money is tight for everyone, but still people found money to donate - it's unreal.

"People from all over the world donated, from here in Huntingdon to Brazil, Canada and America. It was such a fantastic response that we could only dream of.

"It means so much for us to get Zane out to America as we will find out a lot about the condition and will have a specialist doctor on hand to advise doctors in the UK if we ever need them."

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