Aston Villa No2 John Robertson says comparisons between Martin O'Neill and Brian Clough are unfair.

Both coaches played for Clough at Nottingham Forest.

Robertson told the Daily Mail: "People ask me constantly whether Martin is like Brian Clough. Martin O'Neill is his own man. He is a very good communicator with the players, Clough was very good like that, too.

"With regards to us here at Villa, we have a way. Steve Walford will do most of the day-to-day training. I would say that I watch more than I actually talk out there. Then, I will discuss my thoughts with Martin. And he has the final say because that's his right and that's his job.

"I would hate to let him down. I work on the basis that I won't. You always want to please him. want his respect.

"Even when myself and Kenny Burns were playing together for him at Grantham he would give us a rollocking. He was right to do so, though. We took it. He's a loyal man. A good friend."