Aston Villa midfielder Ashley Westwood has no problem being Paul Lambert's "water carrier".

Former France midfielder Didier Deschamps was once derisively described as the "water carrier" by Eric Cantona, meaning he simply passed the ball to more talented team-mates.

But Westwood is happy with the affectionate moniker from his manager because the former Crewe captain prides himself on being a team player.

"He used the phrase the other night that I'm the 'water carrier', just keeping everything ticking over and not being too fancy," said Westwood.

"It's about just keeping it short, keeping the movement, showing for the ball and letting the likes of Stephen Ireland and Gabby do the offensive work.

"Let them work their magic and I'll just keep feeding them the ball. I think Didier Deschamps had that nickname, didn't he? I don't mind being called a water carrier!

"I have faith in my own ability. I've been brought up in the right way at Crewe and I think that's starting to show here at Villa."