Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill has shrugged off claims he beat Tottenham for young pair Ashley Young and Curtis Davies.

He said: "I really do not know how serious the interest is from other football clubs about players. When I was signing Ashley I didn't feel it was Tottenham Hotspur who were making the running alongside us. I thought at the time it seemed to be West Ham United.

"That's not to say Tottenham were not interested in the player - they were. I put in what I consider a price for players and if the club we're trying to get the player from suggests it's not enough then we've a decision to make.

"Watford asked a certain price, eventually, and it's a case of whether you decide to go with it or not and we did do. We'd like to have paid less, but he's proved fantastic value."

The Villa boss continued: "With Curtis Davies it doesn't matter who is in for the player. If you feel you want to pay a price for him and that's the price the other football club are asking, you agree that and then you get to speak to the player.

"But thankfully Curtis did want to come, so I don't know the extent of the interest from other teams.

"It is pleasing that these players want to come, especially when there are other good teams in for them."