Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill admits he exchanged words with a fan during their 2-0 defeat of Derby.

Words were exchanged behind Villa's dug-out as the group who made former boss David O'Leary a target turned their attention to O'Neill after a rather uninspiring opening first half.

O'Neill is cute enough to look after himself in any verbal jousting.

Unlike his fellow Irishman, he admitted that his detractors might have had a point.

Talking about one critical fan, O'Neill said: "I heard him saying something that I was thinking. I saw him at half-time funnily enough and he came down to have a few words.

"He said out loud what I was trying to impart - we needed more momentum.

"You pay your money and you are entitled to say what you think.

"If you decide you want to cheer for the whole 90 minutes, great.

"If you want to moan for the whole 90 minutes then that's entirely your prerogative."