Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish is furious with his players after their nightclub fracas this week.

Shamed stars Chris Herd, James Collins and Fabian Delph dragged Villa's reputation into the gutter after being involved in a drunken fracas outside a nightclub in the early hours of Tuesday.

Disbelieving McLeish admitted: "I've been around the block a few times but even I didn't expect this.

"There was no alcohol at the players' tables and I thought, naively perhaps, that they would all just go home.

"I left quite early and I was shocked to hear the news in the morning. The expectations were that they wouldn't start drinking at the end of the gig.

"It's embarrassing - a slur on the club. I feel for our owner Randy Lerner and for the fans.

"The players have got to show some respect for themselves and for their profession. I could certainly do without this. They owe us. Now they have to give us a performance against Spurs we can be proud of."