Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert says he won't shed a tear if former club Norwich City goes down.

Lambo says he does not give a damn if City lose the top-flight status he delivered to them in 2011.

He said: "There's no sentiment in football. Would I prefer ourselves and Norwich to survive? No, it's all about us now. There are a lot of good people at Norwich, people I'll say hello to. I've got nothing but gratitude to that football club. We had a good time there together for three years.

"I have a lot of respect for Norwich City as a club and the fans were great to me over the three years.

"But my job is here now. When we won 4-1 there in the League Cup I didn't punch my fist in the air because I've too much respect for the fans at Norwich to do that.

"I have fantastic memories from my time there, but it has gone. We have to win."