Aston Villa attacker Samir Carruthers admits he's a big fan of LA Galaxy star Robbie Keane.

Keane was on loan in January and February at Villa and worked with young Carruthers.

"At first I was star-struck and I was a bit nervous and bit shy in a way," Carruthers told the Birmingham Mail.

"But I think one of my biggest influences was Robbie Keane who came on loan. He told me just to play my game and not listen to anybody if they are having a go at you. I don't know what he said to the other lads, but just during training he told me not to be nervous.

"He told me I was a good player and I should just try to do my thing.

"Training with players like him was an honour because that's where you want to be.

"I'm not star-struck any more but I was when I first started training."