Millwall defender Zak Whitbread has revealed how Aussie striker Mark Viduka would virtually be signing autographs DURING GAMES! Reflecting on the compliments he received from Leeds United striker Jermaine Beckford during their Championship playoff this week, Whitbread laughed: "It's highly unusual.

"The only other similar experience was when I played for Liverpool against Middlesbrough in the Carling Cup a few years ago and I was up against Mark Viduka.

"It was at Anfield, I was young and I wanted to impress.

"The ball was up the other end, I turned round to see where Viduka was and he was 25 yards behind me clapping the Boro fans and almost taking their bouquets of flowers while the game was going on."

Viduka has indicated he's ready to discuss a new contract with Newcastle United.