Ricardo Vaz Te hopes West Ham United can keep hold of Andy Carroll.

The on-loan Liverpool striker was outstanding for last night's 2-2 draw with Manchester United.

Vaz Te said: "He works hard, he holds the ball, he takes the pressure off us - he has been terrific. I call him a 'beast.' He's great in the air and he can play on the floor as well. He has been terrific for us and if we can keep him next year, it would be great.

"He's like any player. If you don't get playing time and confidence from the manager and your team-mates - it's never going to work.

"It's the same whether you are Cristiano Ronaldo or a non-League player. You need a routine, you need trust from the manager and your team-mates.

"Here, we all love him, we all care and we all admire him. We have given him that confidence and he has just flourished. It would be a huge step forward but there are financial issues which are nothing to do with me but every player, the club and the fans, would love to keep him."