Van Persie: Cesc, Ronaldo kicked out of England

Van Persie, currently out with a knee injury, said: "You have to stay within certain boundaries."

Manchester United winger Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off at Portsmouth earlier in the season for retaliation, but Van Persie insisted he was more sinned against than sinner.

The Dutchman added: "I know he headbutted an opponent, but he was kicked continually. Some referees do protect you, but not enough."

Referring to Arsenal's trip to Blackburn, Van Persie accused Rovers of giving Cesc Fabregas a hard time. He told the Mirror: "Yes, that was nice, really English. You prepare yourself for a battle, especially when you go north. That's not a problem.

"However, I do have a problem when Fabregas is brought down and someone 'purely by accident' plants his studs on his neck."

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