Ahead of facing England, USA's players admit the Premier League has been a huge boost to their careers. Nine of 23 players on the American roster spent all of part last season with English clubs, including eight in the Premier League.

"It's just different than Spain and Italy and Germany in the sense that it's a 100 miles an hour, and that's what makes it so appealing," Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard told the Bolton Herald. "There's challenges flying in everywhere. It's nonstop action. You know, no teams in the Premier League really sit back and just play defense. It's end to end, and that's what makes it different than other leagues."

LA Galaxy midfielder Landon Donovan admits the culture inside the Premiership is why Americans have flourished in England.

"When I went to Everton, there was immediate respect, and that was eye-opening for me, because I had never experienced that in Europe," Donovan said.