The US have leapfrogged Mexico and climbed seven spots to reach 21st in the latest FIFA World rankings. The USA now has reclaimed top spot in the CONCACAF region. With a five consecutive clean sheets coupled with victories has seen the USMNT close in on the UEFA dominated top 20.

Victories against both Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago in September were enough to ensure the jump of seven places, leaping past main regional rivals Mexico, who maintained their previous 24th following a pair of home qualifying wins against Canada and Jamaica, and a friendly loss to Chile.

With further World Cup qualifiers within the next week against both Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago with home field advantage could see the US break into the top 20 shortly.

Other notables are as follows:

1. Spain
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Brazil
5. Netherlands
6. Croatia
7. Argentina
8. Czech Republic
9. Russia
10. Portugal
14. England

21. United States
24. Mexico

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