Ukraine coach Oleh Blokhin blew his top with one journalist after defeat to England last night.

In his post-match press conference, Blokhin felt the questioning had become personal and suggested the journalist should "come outside and have a man talk".

Then, when the conference had finished, Blokhin pointed to the journalist, and then to the door from which he made his exit.

The journalist declined the offer.

"Respect my job," Blokhin said.

"Let's go this one on one. You want to go with me? Let's have a man conversation.

"You should respect that I played football. Did you play football?

"Respect my job and me. I won't allow anyone to criticise my team, about (Oleh) Gusev or (Andriy) Shevchenko. If you're a man, go with me. One on one."