Departing Sydney FC defender Simon Colosimo is preparing for the next phase in his playing career. The 31-year old will undertake a loan deal with Korean club FC Seoul after flying there on Sunday morning after winning the A-League championship and player of the match with Sydney on Saturday night.

Colosimo admitted that he had achieved what he wanted to with the Sky Blues and now had a dream to realise - playing in a World Cup with Australia - and his time in Asia would help him achieve that.

"Taking nothing away from the A-League, but the biggest dream of my life is going to South Africa," Colosimo said at the post match press conference.

"I'm leaving on a very, very big high. I've achieved what I wanted to at Sydney FC and now it's the next chapter of my career.

"It's going to be hard, but it's going to be easier because I've got another goal that's set," Colosimo admitted.

"So far everything's ticked off. Minor premiership, playing every game injury-free, now a grand final. Now I've got that next dream of a World Cup."