Tottenham striker Clint Dempsey is happy the USA won't have to dwell on their shock defeat to World Cup qualifying opponents Jamaica.

The return game will be staged tomorrow night.

Dempsey said: "It's always good to try to bounce back. We've got to get a win. It hurt us not getting any points tonight. We'll get this taste out of our mouths because it's not a good feeling.

"The pitch will be better so it'll move a little bit quicker. Tonight it felt like we were almost fighting with the ball, it kept bouncing up. It'll be good to get back to normality using Nike balls on the pitches we play on, I think we can show our strengths.

"It makes for a difficult game when you come down here and the ball bounces up and bobbles the way it does. Both teams have to deal with it and I'm not making excuses, but I don't think it makes for the best football being played for the fans to watch."