Emmanuel Adeabyor says he can't support good friend Didier Drogba and Chelsea in tonight's Champions League final.

Manchester City striker Adebayor has completed a season's loan at Tottenham, who need Bayern Munich to win if they are to play Champions League football next term.

"I love Didier as a friend - he's like a brother - so he doesn't need me to tell him how it is," Adebayor told the London Evening Standard.

"For years, Chelsea have been fighting for their lives to win this competition but he'll know that in this situation, I won't be supporting him.

"If they win it, he will text me saying 'Adebayor, I am very sorry for you'. If he manages to win, I will be among the first to text him, too. If we had finished third, I'd clearly be desperate for Drogba to win the Champions League."