Sandro says Tottenham teammate Gareth Bale is so good he wishes he was Brazilian!

Sandro claims it is a pity Bale, 23, was born in Wales because he is worthy of wearing the famous yellow shirt.

Sandro said: "He is so good. It's easy to talk about him because he is a great player and a great guy as well. He's one of the best in the world and I love playing alongside him.

"He's good enough to play for Brazil. I'd love to have him in our team but he was born in Wales. It's a shame. I've played with a lot of good players but Bale is one of the very best.

"He has everything, he is comfortable with the ball, he's quick and he's clever. He's also strong too. Now he's a dad he's in a good place personally too.

"He's got more responsibility and that has made a difference on the pitch too."