Tottenham midfielder Sandro admits he's happy playing for manager Andre Villas-Boas.

He says he was not surprised by Harry Redknapp's departure at the end of last season because in Brazil changes in management are commonplace. The appointment of Villas-Boas has helped Sandro find his voice.

"Harry brought me over, so I'm going to appreciate him," he told the Daily Mail. "Of course I was sad to see him leave but to me it wasn't very strange, that's what I'm used to.

"With Harry, I didn't speak much because of the language barrier. But with Andre it is totally different. You can see when we are on the pitch I go to the bench to talk to him. I like to give my opinion.

"I am always aware what is going on during the game. I can see gaps here or somebody's doing something wrong there, so now I feel more confident. I want to be involved. My English is improving so I can be more vocal, tell the players off."