Tottenham coach Tony Parks rates Carlo Cudicini the best goalkeeping backup in the country.

Cudicini could be handed a start in their FA Cup tie with Bolton Wanderers.

"I think we're lucky in that I don't think there is a better person to have as a back-up goalkeeper than Carlo Cudicini anywhere in world football, I'd go as far to say that," said goalkeeping coach Parks to the Spurs website.

"I don't see anyone who puts so much into it and doesn't become affected by not playing for long periods.

"Carlo can go for weeks and weeks without playing a game and when you need him, he steps in and plays well.

"I don't think that has been underlined more than this season.

"He's so composed and he's just such a nice and easy guy to work with. In fact, all the goalkeepers are easy to work with because they all know how to do the job properly."