Tottenham have announced a strategic partnership with Brazilian club Sport Club Internacional. Spurs chairman Daniel Levy told the club's official web site: "As we look to take the club forward it will be increasingly important that we are able to track and develop emerging talented players.

"This co-operation between our two clubs, which will see an exchange of coaching methodologies as well as exchange visits, means that we shall be able to effect the placement and development of players from Brazil and South America with both ourselves or other European Leagues.

"It is an exciting partnership and opportunity for us and we look forward to working with Inter."

The Brazilian club are equally excited, with their chairman stating, "This strategic partnership between two globally renowned clubs is an innovation in Brazilian football and will result not only in the exchange of youth players, but also in a comprehensive development of the Porto Alegre-based club by sharing expertise in areas such as marketing, promotions, trade opportunities, media and public relations."