Ledley King has hailed the goal scoring efforts of Tottenham teammate Jermain Defoe this season.

Defoe has been outstanding for Spurs this term.

"Jermain will always score goals," King told the Spurs website. "There are not too many forwards who can pick the ball up 25 yards out and still be a big threat.

"He can shift the ball and hit it from anywhere around the box. He will hit shots before defenders are set, he always hits the target and what he's doing well this season as well is poaching goals in the box, in the six-yard box, two yards out - he's popping up everywhere.

"I've trained against him so I know he's a nightmare to play against, especially for big centre-halves because the last thing you want is a little livewire around your knees!

"I'm delighted for him and he's one of the reasons we are where we are this season."