Tottenham boss Redknapp: Top four big achievement

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp admits they face a crucial summer market after finishing in fourth place.

Redknapp may have led Spurs back into the league's top four but he reckons the feat will only become more and more difficult in the coming years.

"When we finished fourth (in 2010) Man City were just arriving. It is going to be even more difficult next year," he said.

"Man United and Man City are not going to be out of the top four: that's impossible.

So you are looking for two places. Chelsea, I don't think Mr Abramovich will stand for them finishing outside the top four again.

"So suddenly there is Arsenal, us, Liverpool, Newcastle all scrapping and who knows a Russian could come along and buy someone like Wigan and then they will be pushing for the league - that's how it works isn't it?"

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