Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp says he's a better coach than Aston Villa's Martin O'Neill and Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Redknapp told the News of the World: "I don't stay in the game for 28 years as coach and manager if I'm not doing something right, do I?

"I have worked with blokes who are supposed to be fantastic coaches, but I look at them and wonder what I'm meant to be seeing.

"Without wishing to blow my own trumpet they're not better than me.

"Take Martin O'Neill. What a great job he's done with Villa. But I'm much more of a coach than Martin is.

"Martin manages like Cloughie - look how great he was - but it's different to the way I do it.

"Fergie's not a coach in the way I am a coach but he is the world's greatest manager."