Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has hailed Gus Poyet's work at Brighton.

Redknapp wrote in his column for The Sun: "I must point out one non-Brit who has simply blown me away with his approach and that's Brighton's Gus Poyet.

"I would recommend any young coach to go to see Gus's team in action. Brighton play with a verve and passion that sees them pass the ball brilliantly and effectively.

"Sure, Brighton have had some iffy results and they have come unstuck but it hasn't stopped Gus, 43, sticking to his philosophy.

"When I was a 'youngish' boss at West Ham, Rio Ferdinand was in the team at 16.

"I didn't tell him to whack the ball as far as he could but instead encouraged him to play out from the back - and he became one of the country's best centre-backs.

"Sure, he made mistakes but I believed in how I wanted to play the game and understood that young talent needed developing."