Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has had some fun with Emmanuel Adebayor's massive Manchester City wages.

Adebayor has scored nine goals in 18 league appearances this season. Redknapp said: "He has done well for us. He is on amazing money. The other week, one of the lads said to him that he had not paid his £50 fine for being the worst player in training on a Friday morning. He said: 'Bloody hell, Addy, you are on 200 grand a week and you can't afford to pay a £50 fine.' He replied: 'Don't insult me - it's 225.' He certainly isn't getting that here."

Asked if the Togolese international may stay at the club once his loan expires, Redknapp said: "We have Adebayor till the end of the year, and [will] see how we go."