Tottenham boss Andre Villas-Boas understands the anger Gareth Bale feels towards Liverpool midfielder Charlie Adam after their clash on the weekend.

Adam went in hard on Bale, injuring the Wales winger's left ankle during the 0-0 pre-season draw in Baltimore.

AVB said: "There is previous history between the two players on the challenge that was done I think three years ago.

"Adam being called a coward? It's Gareth speaking and he felt strongly after the match bearing in mind the player didn't go to him to apologise for what was considered a difficult and nasty challenge.

"The words came out of his mouth and I'm sure he said it in full consciousness.' He added: 'Will we take it any further? We are discussing it within the club but in my opinion, the matter is dealt.

"But it would be extremely human for Charlie to come out with an apology. But you can't force people to say anything and we will have to wait and see."