Liverpool striker Fernando Torres has told Spanish club Real Madrid to no bother by attempting to lure Steven Gerrard. It is understood that former president Florentino Perez may again be back at the helm after the departure of Ramon Calderon and is looking to sign the Liverpool skipper.

"There isn't a team in the world that Steven wouldn't get into, so - yes - I am sure he has his admirers," he said in The Sunday Mirror.

"But there are some players who love their club so much that they won't leave no matter what money is thrown around.

"We saw Kaka stay at AC Milan and that was nice to see in these times.

"Like Stevie, Kaka is one of the best players and, in the same way he loves Milan, Stevie loves Liverpool.

"It's not about how we would get him to stay - he would never leave.

"The fans love him, the manager loves him and he is our captain. Trust me when I say he is going nowhere."